Downtown Ballroom Dance Class

Are you a couple looking for an activity you can perform together?

Are you planning to go on a cruise?

Do you want to get fit and learn something artistic at the same time?

There is a Complete Dance Program for Beginners and Advanced Students with any dance experience.

The central idea of this session is enjoying International Ballroom Dances through their native appearance in Social Dances,

a Miracle Crystal of Joy, Elegancy and Easiness.

Let's study Merengue and you'll get Cha-cha-cha and Rumba easily. Let's start Social Foxtrot and you'll get Quickstep and Waltz.

Could you believe in it?

- Just come and check yourself.

First Session Schedule
5:30-7:00 pm
every Monday in SEPTEMBER

Register NOW

Through the First Session
we will cover English Waltz, Quickstep, Cha-cha-cha, Rumba, Merengue and the pleasant Warm up, especially made for ballroom dancers.

West Side Athletic Club Downtown
555 SW Oak, Portland, OR 97204

!!! Check Dance Night Parties with Anya on July, 22d, 28th, August 5th

Registration and Payment
Please refer to the website for payment information or call the club at (503) 222-7800.


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