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by: Aleksandr Yevgenyevich OLEYNIKOV,
Director of Moscow Branch of Saint-Petersburg Trade Union University of Humanities


Russian or notorized version

1. Aleksandr Yevgenyevich OLEYNIKOV, have been Director of Moscow Branch of Saint-Petersburg Trade Union University of Humanities since 1996.

As Director of the said Branch, I am in charge of operational management of the Branch in Moscow. The University is training certified sport (ballroom) dance choreographers and instructors and folk art methodologists.

I have known Anna KLIMOVA since 1996 when she entered the University to obtain a second higher education qualification. While studying at the University she proved to be a gifted and purpose-minded student.

Her talents as a dancer and an instructor allowed her to graduate from the University with excellent results and to become our lecturer.

2. Anna KLIMOVA has defended a unique graduation paper entitled “Artistic Application of Sports (Ballroom) Dance Components In Making Two Concert Compositions “Flowers of Seville” and “Moon Tango”.
She took advantage of her personal performances in the Flamenco Theatre headed by Violetta Gonzalez and successfully synthesized two choreographic arts: ballroom dance and flamenco, which made her graduation paper one of the best works in the University.

The State Examination Commission recommended that Anna KLIMOVA continue her studies as post-graduate student and she was also invited to lecture a course The Art of Flamenco Dance for second-, third-, fourth- and fifth-year students of Arts Department of Moscow Branch of the University. She was employed by the Branch from September 2003 to May 2005.

3. While working in the University as guest lecturer she proved to be a professional instructor having unique knowledge of influence that flamenco art exerted on evolution of ballroom choreography, as well as methodology of teaching Latin American dance Paso Doble based on flamenco principles.

She enjoyed considerable respect among students and instructors of the University.

I would characterize Anna KLIMOVA as creative person capable of inspiring students, responsible and efficient instructor, friendly and communicative colleague.

I highly recommend her as a professional specialist in theory and practice of dance art having unique knowledge of ballroom choreography and flamenco.

December 20, 2005 (signed) A.Y. Oleynikov


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