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by Aleksei Fedorovich KOCHETKOV,

  • Vice President of Moscow Dance Sport Federation,
  • Member of the Presidium of the Russian Dance Sports Federation,
  • International category judge of IDSF,
  • Head of the Dance Sports Club of Moscow City Child Artistic Center


Russian or notorized version


1. I, Aleksey Fedorovich KOCHETKOV, have been Vice President of the Moscow Dance Sports Federation (MDSF) since 1991 to date, and the head of the Dance Sports Club of MCCAC since 1980.
The MCCAC Club is a member of MDSF and an organizational department in Moscow City Child Artistic Center (MCCAC). As manager, I am in charge of planning and organization of educational and methodological work, selection and allocation of instructors, control, organization and implementation of dance classes in the Club, as well as representation of the Club before authorities, and liaising with regional organizations in Russia.

Anna Sergeyevna KLIMOVA has been my student since 1984, since the age of 10. In 1988 she ranked 5th in the Final of the U.S.S.R. Latin-American Dance Championship among juniors that took place in the city of Kharkov.

After training in our Club, she became a dance instructor in 1994. Anna KLIMOVA is a successful dancer, gifted instructor and trainer, highly qualified choreographer and methodologist, and a very talented person.
2. I have been personally tracking professional development of Anna. Over 11 years she made a way from a beginner to a highly skilled instructor and trainer. She attended a number of seminars and practical workshops conducted by leading world dancers and instructors such as:

· Karen Hardy, England;
· Dmitri Timochin and Anna Bezikova, Russia;
· Olga Muller-Omeltchenko, Germany;
· Andrew Sinkinson, England;
· Michael Barr, England;
· Peter Maxwell, England;
· Massimo Giorgianni and Alessia Giorgianni-Manfredini, Italy;
· Aleksey Galtchun, Russia;
· Evgeniy Antonov, Russia

Her experience of training seminars organized by MDSF and RDSF and her analytical capacities helped her develop a training program Dance Fireworks, the first such program created in MCCAC, in 1998. The program substantially increased children’s motivation for dance classes, resulting in higher numbers of students in dance groups of the Club, and facilitated creating a friendly environment among children and parents. She was the first to introduce psychological aspects in child dance training. After winning a professional competition she started developing a comprehensive program Six Steps to Proficiency for the entire dance studio.
The program was first tried out in 1999, and its results exceeded all expectations. The program involved 300 beginners from 5 dance clubs of Moscow. 1,500 dancers from 27 dance clubs came from Moscow and Moscow Region to take part in a sports dance appraisal session based on the program Six Steps to Proficiency in December 2005.

Anna KLIMOVA has proved to be a friendly, caring and responsible consultant when organizing 15 training workshops for Moscow beginning coaches. In 2004-2005 she developed and published methodological guidelines to train beginning dancers.
Professional training skills of Anna KLIMOVA were so highly appreciated by the commission of MDSF that she was assigned coach and judge grades in 2002.

Anna KLIMOVA is the author of a training video “Six Steps to Proficiency” featuring herself . 4 DVDs with the program are planned to be published in January 2006.

While working in our studio Anna KLIMOVA has proved to have strong moral fiber [and such qualities as] intelligence and kindness. She has been able to find her individual approach to the educational process and has gained love and respect of children and instructors.

Anna KLIMOVA has excellent organizational qualities; her students are the pride of our studio.
I would like to note that she has never had any issues in her communication with the management and children’s parents and to highlight her communicability and high intellectual potential.

3. Anna KLIMOVA is a kind, friendly, and laborious person who may achieve much both as instructor and social psychologist.

I firmly recommend her to work as a sport dance instructor for children and adults, a head of a dance club, or a sport dance judge.

January 12, 2006 (signed) A.F. Kochetkov


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