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by Valeriy Mikhaylovich GULAY,

  • President of Moscow Dance Sport Federation,
  • Vice-president of the Dance Sport Federation of Russia,
  • Internationally Certified IDSF Judge,
  • Head of the Dance Sport Club Aleko.


Russian or notorized version


1. I, Valery Mikhaylovich GULAY, have been the President of Moscow Dance Sport Federation (MDSF) in 1991-1993 and since 1995 to date, respectively. MDSF is a member of the Dance Sport Federation of Russia (DSFR). My responsibilities include external relationships of MDSF, representation of the Federation in official authorities, management of inspectors Executive Committee, and development of relationships with regional organizations in Russia.

I have known Anna KLIMOVA as a gifted dancer since her performance in child ballroom contests (since 1985), as a laborious colleague, a member of MDSF, and a capable instructor of the sports dance club of MCCAC.

2. At workshops for referees and instructors arranged by the Presidium of MDSF she has proved to be an energetic and inquisitive educator and a highly qualified dance instructor. I am aware of Ms. Klimova’s activities from her students’ performance and may note that her dance duets are successfully performing in contests and receive quality dance education undergoing the same rigorous dance instruction that Anna Klimova has received in this famous Moscow dancing club. Her instructors were reputable Russian educators A.F. Kochetkov and T.N. Kostina.

Anna Klimova is especially successful in training junior duets, perhaps due to her university degree in sociology and psychology and knowledge of age-specific issues.

While organizing championships, rating and inter-club contests in MDSF Anna Klimova has quickly gained much experience in arranging tournaments of various levels jointly with a professional team of her colleagues. Two MDSF Championships successfully arranged by her in 2004/2005 are strong examples of this.

1. Anna Klimova has a highly disciplined work ethic, is deeply committed to and has excellent knowledge of her profession. She is independent and consistent in achieving her goals. She is also a professionally qualified instructor and a judge with 10 years of experience. Despite her “young age” for a judge, she has already gained respect among other judges.

November 8, 2005 (signed) V.M. Gulay


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