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for Anna Sergeyevna KLIMOVA,
a choreographer of the Dance Sport Studio
in Moscow City Child Artistic Center


Russian or notorized version

Anna KLIMOVA has two higher education diplomas: she graduated from Moscow State Social University in 1996 majoring in sociology and social psychology and from Saint-Petersburg Trade Union University of Humanities majoring as folk art methodologist, choreograph and dance sport instructor/educator.
In 2002 she completed her post graduate studies in Arts Theory Department of Saint-Petersburg Trade Union University of Humanities. She has prepared a research project “Forming an Artistic Image in Ballroom Dance Choreography».
In 2005 Anna Klimova started post graduate studies at Aesthetics Department, Faculty of Philosophy in Moscow Lomonosov State University and is currently preparing a research project entitled Ballroom Dance Choreography as an Aesthetic Phenomenon.

Anna KLIMOVA has been employed as extended education specialist in the dance sport studio of Moscow City Child Artistic Center since 1994 to date as choreographer, methodologist and dance studio instructor. Anna KLIMOVA is an A class dancer and has the highest (in teaching) qualification category.
She was the first in the studio to develop an individualized program. Entitled Dance Fireworks, the program is based on her own creative dance method that allows for more effective solutions to the issues related to initial dance education. Furthermore, the program aids in creating favorable conditions for formation and development of child’s individuality.
In 1998 Anna KLIMOVA won an award at the City Contest Extra-Curricular Educators-98 and qualified for the final of the interregional contest “Teacher of the Year”.

Since 1999 Anna KLIMOVA and educators of her studio have co-authored an education program entitled Six Steps to Proficiency and an appraisal program representing an integrated system for training and objective appraisal of the proficiency level of students in dance sport schools in Moscow, Moscow Region and other Russian regions.

Since 2002 Anna KLIMOVA has been providing methodological educational advice in the studio as a choreographer methodologist (first qualification category). She has held over 10 training workshops under programs Six Steps to Proficiency and Dance Firework for educators, instructors and other specialists of the Center, Moscow and Moscow Region. She continues to improve her appraisal system Six Steps to Proficiency and provide methodological advice to her studio colleagues in development of their own educational programs.

Anna KLIMOVA has been a lecturer at The Second World Social Dance Congress (2003); she also lectures holds a course in the Arts Department of Moscow Branch of Saint-Petersburg Trade Union Department of Humanities.

Anna KLIMOVA has prepared for publication in the Center the first compilation on history of the dance sport studio, its traditions, educators and students, and also video materials on child dance methodology that were published by a Russian company Esta in 2003.

Anna KLIMOVA is the winner of the Grand-Prix of the Moscow Arts Festival for Extended Education Specialists (2002); she also has a certificate of The First World Social Dance Congress (2001); an advanced training certificate of Moscow State University of Culture and Arts in Ballroom Dance Staging (2003).

In 2004 Anna KLIMOVA was awarded a diploma and a prize in Moscow Grant contest in educational research and technologies.

In 2004 Ms. KLIMOVA won the professional contest “SKILL&ART” held by MMCYAC and then a II degree diploma at the contest Extra-Curricular Educator organized by Moscow Education Committee.

In 2005 she was awarded a Diploma of the Moscow Dance Sports Federation as coach of First and Second Prize recipients at Moscow Championship in category Juniors D class.
In 2005she was also awarded a Letter of Appreciation by the Organizational Committee of VIII Festival “Young Muscovite Talents” of the Government of Moscow as trainer of Festival prize recipients.

A set of training/educational DVDs featuring Anna Klimova filmed in December 2005 will be published in 2006:
1. Six Steps to Proficiency, a training program, preparation and organization methodology; 3 DVDs by Dancemedia
2. Child Dance with Anna Klimova, age-specific dance methodologies, training recommendations/guidelines, 1 DVD by Dancemedia

Anna KLIMOVA has been continuously developing her interests, improving professional knowledge and upgrading skills via regular attendance of methodological seminars and workshops organized by Moscow Dance Sport Federation. She has a good standing among employees of the Center and colleagues, dance sport instructors in Moscow and other regions of Russia.

Director of MCCAC (signed) D.L. Monakhov
Deputy Director (signed) V.E. Sobolev
Head of the Dance Sport Studio (signed) A.F. Kochetkov


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